Jan 28, 2012

Joining the Navy

I had a scripted naval game to be played with sailing ships, although we used lego ones so the measurements are a bit out of scale for these. You know, the smaller it is, the less you got to care about the small annoying bits (correction: this way the WHOLE thing is a grand piece of annoying bits).

So, made this 64-gunner as a test to see how could I actually do the tricks on a thing like that. Everything's scratch-built (literally, from used paper and cardboard).

Aft of the alpha version. The next thing is to improve basing and do a bit larger scale because the material can't really be shaped well enough, for instance, to make a brig or a smaller boat.

Here you can see the ship (JRS Alphaversion?) compared to my 1/72s. Just to see it clearly how really small it is.

Now, as I tested my thoughts in exercise and noted all disadvantages, it was time to go on and make some Jackewlinese craft, starting with the Antechaiton, their flagship during the few sea battles in the JWI and JCW.

This improved basing has cut-off edges and shows the name plate of the ship and its affilation (blue plate for Dorrosean and red for Jackewline, yellow for Klagimirya and white for Methorai).

Aft and nameplate. This end of the cardboard base is more uneven so it was easier to simulate more tones of water.

Last thing is to put some sails on and it's ready to go. Another advantage is that this way I can have a lot of ships because it doesn't require much material (really, some paper and toothpicks) neither paint (I mean, this 100-gun ship of the line is some 1,5" long) and not much space at all.

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