Dec 11, 2011

Painting diary XI.

Red clans line infantry, in need of a layer of varnish and ready to go to the battle

This was all I could make out of the terrible Airfix figures (still, one of the oldest sets of mine headlong next to the AWI Brits and the French grenadiers, so no hard feelings)

Meanwhile, the sappers became ready for a varnish too (haven't washed the figures themselves, only the faces, hands and knapsacks)

Front of a figure (cur off the small flag from the bayonet of his musket)

Rear view with the knapsack (hazy pic, don't mind - the greatcoat, as it is a red clans' unit, is obviously red)

And these guys are the Green gunners, all five o'them with their bases in process (painted them later today, so basically I'll finish them with the other bunch on the next weekend).

By the way, made some tabletop skirmishes with my figures and the assistance of my little brother. Shoulda start searching out for more fitting rule sets.

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