Dec 13, 2011

Quick update

As the HäT Landwehr set has finally arrived from the UK (ordered it via eBay 'cause the shipping fees in other webshops are simply terrible), the blue clans' army is beginning to fill up; now, still in the need of some light cavalry on the table, I'll go out tomorrow between two classes and buy the Zvezda uhlans box (also, some paint) and paint them as Blue light cavalry - the Dorroseani have some light cavalry, though only one squadron, so still thinking about buying some Hussars as well (at this moment, the heavy cavalry totally outnumbers the light ones, the rate  being 15/4 in the Jackewline army and 16/8 at the Dorroseani side). Beginning in the end of the week, I'm gonna have a lot of free time (basically till the new year), so will keep updating on the units I'm planning to finish and - maybe - some battles too.

Off: Hello to the newest follower, Willie Anderson!

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