Dec 5, 2011

Occupation and plans for the next few weeks

These two weeks are going to be busy, have a lot of tests scheduled and they're all stuffed to the same few days midweek, kinda studying a lot. I haven't given up my plans on some handcrafted Mesr Wars AFVs, I'm getting home the following weekend and will have a look around what to use. About the clockworks, I'll execute a search in the antique shops and flea-markets whenever I'll have time.
Planning to create a new type of Cossacks game with more terrain modifications (villages and roads) and significantly smaller units (15 foot per battalion, 10 cavalry per squadron, 1 gun per battery) and develop into strategic maneuvers. I also have some more papercraft material so may do some buildings as well.

Off: Greetings to the new 'regular reader', DIZASTER156!

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