Dec 3, 2011

Mesr Wars vehicles and thoughts on Games Day

Mesr Wars vehicles
1. The AFVs must have some visible clockworks on the surface for coolness (although I'm not quite sure how they help in combat). Basically I could put my hands on some sorted-out or crashed clocks and watches to acquire some, and combine them with existing models, such as a KV (still hanging around this idea, may try it once). They'd also need chimneys for the steam engines. - Planning to go to a close-by flea market to find other useful material.
2. Multi-turreted vehicles and extremely high "siege towers". Let the imagination speak and use unhandy designs.

Games Day 2011
Just wished to have an overall sight of the events and how and what was happening, so hadn't settled down to play any games, mostly watched. Some were eventually slow, like the Fifteen Years War and WWI table, while others went on too fast to catch up while wandering between tables. Next time (as I'm quite sure I'm gonna go next year too) I'd like to spend more time in there, sit down and play a game (preferably historical). By the way it's hell awesome how those figures could be! (This oft reminds me of improving my skills with the brush).

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