Dec 2, 2011

How could steam engine 'steampunky' tanks be made?

I'm planning to do the Mesr Wars (read up this previous entry about the wars and eras on Dorfainen), but above all I'm in need of some heavy land vehicles. So what are the possibilities, I thought today (as I also oughtta post a blog entry following up some 'radio silence').

1. Scratch-built from paper. The only problem is the wheels of the track. On the other hand, I can try my own designs. For instance, 'tis vehicle below.

(clearly a sketch, just something I made up now)

Another solution is to use some old toys (from those cheap 54mm 'made in China' sets) for conversions as the vehicles are significantly smaller scale than the figures themselves.

2. Conversions from existing vehicles. I've had the idea in mind that a KV-2 turret on anything (presumably an AFV with an uncomfortable height on battlefield, just as they were originally) would look rather odd (thus totally acceptable) for the task.

Staying to the topic, the early USSR designs (T-35, T-28) are kinda similar in this way, at least they look weird. Could also manage to get WWI vehicles (Airfix Landship Mark I etc.)

Thinking more about it, almost every early WWII designed vehicle could have some use with minor conversions as many of them looks rather primitive (no offense for the Panzer I/38t lovers, of course).

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