Nov 25, 2011

Wars and eras in Jackewline

Ancient wars against Veuden and Dorrosean

The First Escape
Methorin Wars (medieval environment) against varied countries

The Tidguri War (Late16th/ early 17th century environment) (against the Veuden Confederation)

Wars against the Veuden incursion, in aid of the Esqerin Alliance and Dorrosean (against the Veuden Confederation)

Second Methorin Wars (against Klagimirya)

Borderland conflicts with Dorrosean (early 18th century)

Colonial wars with Dorrosean, the tribes of the Yellow Islands and realms at the Cape and Teverattia

The Dorroseani invasion, the Second Escape and the First War of Windscourt (late 18th century)
The Civil War
The Second War of Windscourt
Te War of Independence (Napoleonic era)
Punishment campaign against the Klagimir Republic

The Third Soqssani War (expedition at the side of Methorai against the Island Kingdoms) (mid 19th century)

The Mesr Wars (steampunky-magical awesomeness!)
Ha! Unexpected!
Things turned out a bit different in Dorfainen when people re-discovered the mesr, the source of thaumaturgy, which lays in the 'remnants of the Creation' and allows its masters to move things and make mesr-machines using the material named cold gas...

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