Oct 8, 2011

"Winged hussars" - Red clans heavy cavalry - finished

Well as I said the painting became quite messy, still an impressive sight. The paper bases can be seen here  well enough - the glue seems to hold.

Would you stand in front of their charge if you were 1/72? :D

The red and black, black and red clan colors on the lances and the unit standard are mounted. For the stantard I wrapped some foil around a toothpick, thus creating a pipe and pulled that over the pole.

The overall sight is kinda great.

A macro image - from close, it's very dirty... In units, they look acceptable for me... Seen worse, and their previous painting was more horrible than that (poor guys).

The wash on the horse... It's a different story. I've just started researching for how to actually paint horses, and I sure had a lot to learn.

More macro images.

This one is for the wing/flag sight.

I should've used more drybrush on the wings actually (mostly it isn't sharp enough because the paint was still wet when I applied the varnish). They sure are going to make a good sight and a good fight on the table!

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