Oct 7, 2011

What to read, what to read...

I'm slowly but surely finishing War and Peace... it certainly does take time to read, and also effort at some parts but it's entertaining not only because of the fighting parts, but because of the very, how to say, foreign mentality of the author.
Diagonally, rereading The Scar by China Miéville... His books have astonished me so much that I actually bought two of them in English... Many critics had raised against The Scar but I really enjoyed it the first time and do so the second time as well... Sadly there's a lot of gaps between my classes at the university so I need to entertain myself, pdf version on my smartphone and there we go. Lord, how I wish to get Iron Council somehow... Also, I can't find any news of the RPG Tales of New Crobuzon... I mean, that's really weird, there have been a lot of discussion and whatnot, and then nothing... I'm not a great fan of tabletop RPing, but for Flanders' sake, it must be awesome!
What after. Four remaining of the everlasting Dune series, all the end of storyline by Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert... Should've finished them already but then things happened (like started reading A Song of Ice and Fire), so time went up and I've totally forgot about good ol'Dune.
And after after, maybe some 'classics': Mark Twain, Balzac, Kafka. I may get through them once.

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