Oct 8, 2011

Some oldies

I love LEGO. This is kinda weird at my age, but it's one of the best possible forms of being creative... I mean, the whole thing is about that.
Whatsoever, feel free to go and check my Picasa album of the latest 3-decker ship of the line, the flagship JRS Antechaiton (Messenger of God).

Almost the whole of the LEGO material is contained :D She couldn't last long and in later occasions 4 or 5 smaller vessels were made of the same materials (a brig, a xebec, two cutters/sloops and a 36-gun frigate...).
(One of the masts is actually broken but the main thing is visible).
The first plans I drew and is presented at my devArt gallery:

She was the flagship of Admiral Jedrich Skyfarski at the battle of Kap Navidat (one of the biggest sea battles in the Jackewline war of independence). The lower pic is made in MS Paint and took about 2 hours to make.

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