Oct 6, 2011

More Cossacks screens

This is eventually a filler-like post as I'm not doing anything interesting till the 15th this month: there will be some major projects again after, containing the mentioned waters, mills, also roads and bridges, and planning to buy some of the sets I couldn't earlier.

My army in a player vs player scenario against my brother - we play via GameRanger. This time I'm Russian, and in need of massive firepower as the musketeers aren't good: so I added mounted dragoons to my infantry.

This and the following pictures are from a custom campaign I played in editor mode. This is the key town Ilsebad, which the Saxon troops have to defend.

The Saxon camp near Ilsebad.

The enemy (Russia) got to Ilsebad after a cruel chain of battles and sieged it without achieving its goal (capturing the town) because of the greater firepower of the Saxons.

This is a winter scenario in which Austrians and Prussians battle each other - Austrian troops nearby a town.

Prussian infantry before a decisive battle.

Austrians before the battle.

Prussians won with a great loss of their troops, and later captured the enemy towns and won the campaign - I'm not sure I'm going to continue this campaign... I'm a bit bored of winter.

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