Oct 4, 2011

Screenshot selection for Cossacks - Back to War

I love this game because it is - mostly - realistic... well, not as the following up American Conquest or Napoleonic Wars, but it has a great variety of choices, even editor, where I can play my own little campaigns... The AI is quite dumb though (for a certain scale: like 2-3 AI players set to very hard are still beatable with 1 human player, but with more than 3 they simply overwhelm one).

An army ready to battle is always nicer than an army in a fight - at least because of the less smoke. There are overall three different formations for both cavalry and infantry.

Wave after wave, the enemy charges...

And the waves broke at our lines... Losses are heavy on both sides.

Last stand against many - the enemy is confused and retreating - dragoons against an AI.

This is a single player option named 'multiple nations' - French chasseurs, Bavarian and Prussian line musketeers ready to fight.

A Cossack town raid against an AI.

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