Oct 4, 2011

The next plan - waters and mills

Painting never seems to end, though I've got some other ideas in mind... First of all, to make my waters a bit more fit to the like. Actual material isn't either pretty nor very usable. So I got these thick papers for my cavalry bases:

They'll come in two layers, colored for the base, green for the top - color indicates troops' affilation (red- Jackewline, blue - Dorrosean).
But see how beautiful the texture is!

Going the same way as did for the cavalry, I'm planning to buy more of them (still cheaper than any professional plastic/etc. battlefield accessories, and they fit for the task well) in colors of water and riverside. Now then, with the same process (watercolor down, bank to the top) it's quite easy to simulate waters... even lakes. I've got some spare A2 drawing sheets, putting blue on them and then some green for the shores, and voilá (sorry for poor visualization). Plus some yellowy etc... Because the textures are so nice, it would look well.

Now then, I have rivers, why not make a water mill? Here is a very, I repeat, very quick sketch in MsPaint for my imagined version... Not too difficult, only with the wheel... Guess I can take that.

Also, here is this little bucket. Wouldn't it make a nice windmill? And a windmill, as a strategic location on a map, well, it's quite inviting. Sketch again, see it's sooo simple (in the idea, at least):

OK, you might say, there's a windmill, but doesn't it need grain fields around it?

And I've got the (cheap and) right answer for it:

Yeah! Sink sponges! haha (of course in yellow color - well, it could be changed somehow after all).

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