Oct 21, 2019

Imagi-Nations Navies

Here's the list how I would like to re-use WW1 navies in my own Imagi-Nations. If time allows I would like to spend more time on world-building as well, including map making, writing lore etc. I would really like to make this into a large project.

I'm primarily interested in line of battle units now, but gaming with smaller warships is fun as well, so I might switch to those once I'm bored of dreadnoughts.

The Jackewlinese Navy has three different large manufacturing firms which produce different kinds of ships suited for their own environment.

Jackewlinese Home Fleet - Biritish 
The Orion-class is complete, I have blueprints for the Royal Sovereigns and I should make space in the work schedule for BCs.

Jackewlinese Yellow Islands Station - United States
I have blueprints for the Delaware- and Florida-class; I think I should re-do the Wyomings as well.

Jackewlinese Colonial Station - Austro-Hungarian
Just completed the Radetzky-class, should build the Thegetthoffs next (I have one but I think I should re-do all four).

Cartelucia - Italian
So far I only have six pre-dreadnoughts, they are quite at the bottom of the list.

Dorrosean - French 
Currently working on Danton- and Courbet-class. 

Friegland - German 
Have blueprints for the Baden-class and Seydlitz, there are five battlecruisers completed.

Great Ren - Chinese

Island Kingdoms - Japanese
This navy would include the Nelson-class which were recently completed. I have blueprints for the Fuso-class in their original and modernized outfit, the latter with the pagoda masts would serve as flagships (I like pagoda masts). I have the battleships and armored cruisers for Tsushima, and I'd like to use the British-designed Japanese ships as Jackewlinese as well.

Kisoba-Crontaineville Alliance - Spanish
Should acquire plans for the Espana-class.

Klagimir Republic - Turkish
I have the SMS Goeben built and I'd like to focus on pre-dreadnoughts sometimes later.

Methorai - Greek
Same as above.

Nordsbur - Swedish
After a brief search of Swedish coastal defense ships, they piqued my interest, so I'd like to insert them to the work schedule in the near future.

Veuden - Russia
I have blueprints for the Gangut and Imperatritsa Mariya-classes, and the 1905 Second Pacific Squadron is completed.

Other countries - second-hand outdated ships (ironclads, pre-dreadnoughts, sail ships etc.)

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