Oct 19, 2019

1/2000 HMS Nelson and Rodney

Here's the next pair of ships completed, and I would not like to do any more modern ones than these for a long while - I simply liked their odd designs and thought they would make good superdreadnoughts for my Imagi-Nations campaigns. For extra added heresy, they will be paired up with Japanese ships in the Island Kingdoms Navy. I shall be releasing a complete list of ships to come soon.

This scale is a very good practice in bringing each ship down to simple shapes and then building them from the hull up. There are only a few tools required, most of them easy to access, and the material cost is very cheap as well. I can knock out a ship or a complete class, together with their bases, in one or two days. These two are probably the largest I would ever build in this scale at about 11cm length.

I've bought an acrylic gloss varnish instead of the oil-based one, I can gain about 23 hours and 30 minutes in drying time.

Next up are the Radetzky-class semi-dreadnoughts, and then the Danton-class.