Sep 7, 2018

Rheinbund Reinforcements

Here's another few Napoleonic bits, mostly HäT figures from the larger participants in the Confederation, and then some Zvezda French skilfully converted. 
Left: Württemberg light cavalry and Berg Lancers
Middle: Bavarian light infantry, Saxon Leibgarde and Württemberg artillery
Right: Saxon cuirassiers and Württemberg (/Bavarian?) chevauxlegers.

What else is there to say? The Württemberg guns can be used as Austrian heavy artillery, should the need arise. This part of the HäT line is rather chunky, but quite easy to paint. 
The Bavarians in the foreground belong to an earlier production line and are much slimmer. I like the black and green uniforms.

I also had a bunch of Zvezda Old Guard lying around, and as I do already have a large amount of Guard units (and never use them), they were transferred to the Saxon army, which, by the way, will be bolstered by the big 90-figure HäT set soon. Right now I'm not sure if the flag is textile or paper.

The heavies are done by the book, which cannot be told of the Württembergers, I intend to use them as generic medium cavalry.

I also had five horses and six riders from the Zvezda Polish Uhlans set. I don't make much of a fuss when using them for different purposes, I have a few painted as Austrian uhlans, some Dutch-Belgian lancers, Vistula Lancers etc. etc.