Sep 5, 2017

Russian Guardsmen and Herdsmen.

It is rather rare that I post something from four different manufacturers, but this is the case right now. In enlarging my Napoleonic Russian army, I have completed the following units, from left to right:

  • 2x12 Jäger, Italeri and Zvezda figures, plus a single HäT figure in the rear rank.
  • 6 Guard Lancers, of Esci make, on Italeri hussar horses.
  • A 16-figure unit of Pavlov Grenadiers by Italeri.
  • 2x16 Opolchenie by HäT, plus a single Pioneer base/marker.

In my previous overview I mentioned that the Russian force is relatively incomplete - this has changed a lot now, bringing the total up to 247 infantry and 46 cavalry, with some dragoons and artillery on their way.

Initially I was afraid that the Zvezda and Italeri figures won't match, it is not such a big trouble without the plumes and in all-green uniforms.

This is a fabulous unit and I hope they will fight well - they also received a hand-painted paper flag.

I painted one militia unit in dark green, so that they could be used as regular infantry when necessary. This marks the completion of all the 100 figures in the HäT Russian Militia box. The pioneer base was a last minute idea, and I think it worked out well.

The horse furniture is mostly made from green stuff. These figures are OK, but again, I was not happy with the plastic they were made out of. Fortunately the Italeri horses are rather solid.

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