Sep 9, 2017

Galicia 1809

In the Galician backwater theatre, a Russian and Austrian force blundered into each other. The Austrians are defending a strong position, but the Russians have amassed more troops for the attack.

~ Orders of battle ~

Austrian CIC (4)
Divisional artillery 3 guns

Brigadier (1) - Infantry brigade
Grenz infantry 3x4 base É2 FI2 FP2
Motivated Landwehr 2x4 base É2 FI2 FP1

Brigadier (2) - attached cavalry
Hussars 4 base É2 FI3 FP1
Insurrectio cavalry É1 FI2 FP0

Russian CIC (4)
Divisional artillery 2 guns 1 licorne

Brigadier (2) - Infantry brigade
1x Veteran reserve infantry É3 FI2 FP1
4x Line infantry É2 FI2 FP1
1x Opolchenie É1 FI2 FP1
Attached artillery 1 licorne

Brigadier (1) - light cavalry brigade
Hussars 1x4 base É2 FI3 FP1
Cossacks 2x4 base É1 FI2 FP0

The Russian plan is to crush the enemy in the center, simultaneously exploiting their open left flank with the cavalry. This is more or less prevented by the rough ground the defenders can occupy: the Austrians intend to hold the line in the center and put pressure on the Russian left. 
One Landwehr unit occupies the blockhouse near their starting position, while the other one quickly marches to the thick woods on their left - even if the enemy cavalry can charge them, they will be totally ineffective.

The two Russian units on the right form squares as soon as they glimpse the Austrian cavalry. However, the hussars halt at a distance and fire a volley at them, soon joined by the arriving Grenz and the heavy battery. The Opolcheniye thus breaks.

The Insurrectio try to chase them off the field and fail spectacularly. Now the veteran Hussars charge the unprotected Russian battery on the hill: although two of the three guns are put out of action, most of the cavalrymen perish in the canister fire, and the rest flees. This is a grave loss for the Austrians, as they have no more experienced units left.

The Grenz try to keep their distance, as the Russian infantry is better at close fighting. However, they are not ordered to charge. The Austrians receive a few volleys but hold their ground.

Only Cossacks can be mad enough to charge an infantry square in cover. And so they do.

The Russian left suddenly collapses - even with the loss of the hussars, the Austrians gain a superior tactical position. The infantry in the center begins a counter-attack. The Russian general decides to extricate his forces.

As the Austrians fail to pursue, most of the Russian army retreats in safety.

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