Jul 27, 2017

Spanish reinforcements

Not strictly related to the 1809 project, I received a box of HäT gunners as part of a trade deal, to be used as Spaniards. While at it, I found some of the venerable Italeri Prussian Cuirassiers - the best multi-purpose set in my opinion; and then some Zvezda Prussian hussars which were used in one game then set aside for good. 
I stripped the hussars of their previous Prussian garments, and sculpted tarletons on the Italeri horsemen - after some strenuous work I had a unit of mounted Cazadores and Infanta hussars.

Neither the cannon, nor the crew had met my expectations (very soft plastic and a lot of flash on the figures), but hey, more cannon. Those are Zvezda nags in the background.

At least the blue carriages look nice.

With some extra care, the cavalry units look OK. Now I have three heavy dragoon and two light horse units, with a sixth Hussar group in the making.

I would like to bring them out for a game, and see if fancy uniforms were enough in themselves to win.