Jul 30, 2017

General Ktoplowski's Polish Brigade

A rather tasteful array of Polish arms: a dozen Uhlans and two groups of infantry. The title of course refers to Polish players proudly declaring "KTO PL" in every online multiplayer game.
The muster contains the following:
  • six Zvezda Polish Guard Lancers
  • six Vistula Legion horse
  • A 16-figure unit of GD of Warsaw infantry
  • A unit of Vistula Legion foot

Rather proud of these bods. The VL horsemen are riding Italeri hussar nags - their Zvezda counterparts were used for the Hussars in one of the previous posts.

I used a different mix of dark blue for the various units, and for reference I turned mostly to reenactment photos - those are the firmest resource as to what shade the uniforms should be.

I also have to say that this Strelets product is light years away from their previous output: well sculpted and slim figures, which have very little flash and are easy to paint.

I'm not sure when I'll be able to post next as I have to refill my figure stash - I've been thinking about some Russian uhlans and Jäger.