Apr 3, 2017

Kliszów 1702 - Terrain building

Filling a 200x150cm (8 by 6ft) table with enough terrain is kind of a difficulty. Procejts like these always make me realize just how little terrain I've got.
So, in order of completion (more or less), I have built the following items:
  • about 250cm of streams
  • two redoubts
  • half a dozen bogs and marshes
  • four bridges
  • two wooden huts
  • an Objective marker (not pictured)

Let's get down to the technical details. The streams are built on 5x40cm strips of 1mm plasticard. The basic ingredients are sand, glossy green paint and PVA. Same goes for the marshy DVD pieces, with some bits added for variety (such as dry branches or bark). All of these were crowned with some aquarium scenery.

The redoubts are made from plasticine and match sticks. I've also used a lot of match sticks for the four bridges, two of them will be placed on the Kliszów-Rebów main road, and two across the marsh.
The huts are built from 3mm balsa, simple static grass was used for the roof.

The inside of a redoubt, with enough space to house an infantry unit or some artillery.