Apr 1, 2017

Kliszów 1702 - Bringing the Poles up to date

The Polish cavalry force for the battle is complete. They might look a bit archaic, but I found no other suitable figures. 
Four groups had to be repaired/highlighted, and the blue husaria unit had to be painted from the start as they were stripped some time ago.

I had to replace some pennants and kopias on these. I chose to include the fewest lance-wielding figures possible.

All of the 40 figures had to be rebased. Half of the pancerni in the second row were placed on 40x40mm squares in pairs, this way they'll be easier to move around the field.

I'm not sure if the blue-white is historically accurate (as far as I know, each man dressed as he wished), but I wanted some distinction between the older figures clad in red.

I mean these. I added some highlights where the paint seemed to dark, and had to repair the original paint at multiple places.

These are Orion Cossacks posing as either volunteer noble cavalry or registered cossacks. The other figures are all Zvezda by the way.