Mar 1, 2017

A Quest for Ships

This is the Revell 1/75 Nina. The hull is cut at the waterline to make a decent wargaming model. It could be a small coastal vessel with 5-6 figures on board. I received the model at Christmas, a very old package in a rather sorry state: fortunately the kit itself is pretty good.

I thought the turquoise stripe would be a cool touch. On the other hand the gun barrels proved too small, so I converted them to a pair of swivel guns. She also has a single mast instead of two.

Plastic kits are nice, but I don't think they could beat a good scratchbuild. And they're very expensive in comparison as well.


  1. Hi !
    Do you know that Zvesda make a 1/100 Nina ? In hard plastic more usuable for gaming than a model one.
    It's perfect for 15mm miniatures



    1. Thanks for the tip! It's a cool looking ship, but not suitable for my 1/72 scale figures. This old Revell kit is made from vinyl-like hard plastic.

  2. Looks good with the mods you made and the blue stripe is very striking looking.