Jan 27, 2017

The Old and the Even Older

So I stripped these Airfix British Grenadiers for the 3rd time or so and painted them real nice. 
I've come to like them and thought, hey, if I can get them cheap/in bulk, they and their counterpart (Washington's Army) would be a good addition to the collection. But of course, being Out of Production, they come at horrendous prices, especially if one considers their aesthetic value.

There's an easter egg figure in this unit of 12.

They will be used for the Formaggian wars in my imaginary world.

I've used a grey undercoat and a brown wash for the men clad in white, and a white undercoat, followed by a sepia wash, then block painting on these fellows. This seems to be the generic Formaggian color combination these days.


  1. Great paint job on those figures - it very brings out the character of the Airfix figures!