Jan 23, 2017

Our Favorite Kind of Berry

It's the Jauréguiberry, of course.
I'm not entirely out of blogland and could cram in some painting, this 1/2000 scale model included. It's made of 3mm balsa and various other pieces of scrap.


  1. Incredible work. I am glad I don't work in such a small scale (although in 1/72 there are size problems with my model ships)

    Also I just found your Schultze-Böhnstadt blog (how I missed the link here until now is beyond me). But now that Schultze-Böhnstadt has become known in Oronegro expect our representatives to arrive promptly. (They will probably try to impress upon you the value of hiring Oronegrean mercenaries, just smile and nod politely. They are always on the look out to loan mercenaries it is how Oronegro keeps its soldiers in peak fighting condition.)

    1. Thanks! Small scale ships are actually quite easy to make (and store).
      And don't worry, the Böhnstadt courtiers know the ways of diplomacy very well.

  2. Another fine piece of work András!