Jan 4, 2017

Italeri Italians

These are from the late (1812+) French infantry set, but I was quite fed up with blue uniforms, so I did whites instead, with a brown wash. 
The figures are about the same quality as those in the HäT set, so they won't be out of place. Some details (such as scabbards and muskets) are slimmer, but the faces are odd. I still think Italeri employed two very different sculptors, one who's responsible for the 'bobble-head' figures similar to those Esci produced, and the other one for the 'chinless' sets, of which I currently own four: AWI militia, French CAC, early French infantry and this one.

Quite happy with the paint job. This mixed unit of fusiliers and grenadiers has green facings.

This one, fusiliers only, has red.

The set contains 48 figures, so three 16-figure units can be built of it. The third is going to wear blue, simply because I don't have enough fusiliers for a proper game. They might look a little out of place with the pre-Bardin HäT figures, but so will the 1805 line infantry in bicornes that I'm planning to use to bolster the ranks.