Jan 7, 2017

Baccus Goodness

Another two hundred or so 6mm figures join the collection (I honestly don't know how many is there in total). The Baccus packs are the following: WSS line infantry (much superior to the GNW sets, I'll probably replace them at some point), WSS dismounted dragoons (to be used both as mounted and foot Freikorps), and SYW 'Hungarian' grenadiers, for everything bearskin related.

The contents of this pack were somewhat disappointing, but it's partly my fault not to have read the item description and/or mentioned in the order's note that I'd have liked more figures and less horses. The figures and horses are pretty, and it was not very costly so it's OK after all.

The WSS infantry wears Bavarian colors, the flags are a bit different as they will be Schultze-Böhnstadt line infantry. These are paper flags by the way, unlike those on the grenadiers.

Now these are tiny cloth flags, the textile soaks in the paint so it won't chip off around the edges like the paper ones. Also, when it dries, it results in a nice flowing uneven look. 
The original idea was to use them as the Pretoriano corps in the Formaggian Succession Wars, but of course they pass as Flossian grenadiers and many, many more. Two units wear red pantaloons and one has blue.

All of the figures were painted in the quick and dirty method, prime, dark brown basecoat, brown drybrush, then wet highlighting the details. I think it's more visible on the whites, they still look quite fine from a bird's eye view.

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