Aug 3, 2016

French line infantry

This day has come, too: I have completed the first lot of the HäT French foot, and a rather big chunk at that, 34 figures out of a hundred, with sixteen voltigeurs in progress. In the foreground, there's the line grenadiers: they are organized to a single six-base unit, with some Zvezda figures and a Waterloo1815 mounted officer mixed in; and in the back, a four-base unit of fusiliers.

The HäT figures look OK when painted. The only trouble I had with them was the soft plastic, mostly with muskets and plumes bent, and flash being very difficult to remove. Some of the marching poses  are also rather funny (these, coincidentally, make up the rear rank).

With 12 bases of grenadiers altogether (these plus the Zvezda figures), I can also create three four-base units. The grenadier figures, when combined into all-grenadier units, can either signify difference between veteran and conscript troops, the grenadiers being the more experienced ones, or I can simply attach them to fusilier units along with a base of voltigeurs to have all components of a line regiment in the same unit.
After completing the voltigeurs, I would like to strip the guns painted in blue and add proper French colors, and do the same with the Italeri figure of the Big N himself. I'm quite in a Napoleonic swing right now.

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