Jul 31, 2016

More tricorne

Quite a handful of 18th century figures are the topic of this post. They had waited for a long time, primed and hanging out on one of my temporary storage trays. Four Strelets personality figures on the left from the Court of Peter I set, a mounted officer (perhaps the Tsar himself) and a trumpeter from the same, then the thirteen remaining figures from the Accurate AWI militia, and some others below in the post!

All of them were primed black, after which the standard method of block-wash-highlight was followed, complete with a varnish which is supposed to be matt, I have my doubts about that.

I've gone for variety on this unit in colors, and made the remaining odd figure an officer, he's pointing the enemy out anyway.

The second half of the Italeri AWI British Light Dragoons set is also completed. I originally wanted them to be Tarleton's Legion, but black turnbacks seemed too dull, and the headwear would obviously not have matched. Neither did I want to paint them in red or sculpt the hats, so this half-solution was chosen - perhaps a fictional light cavalry unit in the Calvacasa rebellion, with a rather fancy flag.