Jul 7, 2016

The Russian fleet at Tsushima

That's nine destroyers, eleven battleships and coastal defense ships, six auxiliaries, two auxiliary cruisers and eight cruisers, thirty-six ships in total.

The three "battleship" squadrons with the Borodinos in the foreground. All of these were built using 2mm pine wood and some 1mm plasticard at places.

The nine destroyers, the Japanese obviously had the edge in these. Destroyer flotillas will be counted as a single unit in my rules.

The cruisers, Oleg leading on the right, then Aurora, Svetlana, Dmitri Donskoy, Vladimir Monomah. At this point I was running out of basing material, so the leading two have a 1.5mm plasticard base instead of 2.5mm.

Zhemchug-class light cruisers at the lead.

There was very little information available on these two, the armed yacht Almaz and cruiser Ural, previously a German liner.

The auxiliary fleet consists of three generic steamers and the models of the Anadyr and hospital ships Kostroma and Oryol.

After working at full steam (pun intended) on these, I'm taking a little break and will be back with some Japanese ships and 6mm MDF figures. This break is not entirely deliberate as I'm really low on basing material at the moment.


  1. What an incredible achievement, András, your Russian fleet looks sensational. Having dabbled in a little 1:2400 scratch building, I realise the challenges of getting a bunch of ships to look cohesive and to scale. Well done! I look forward tot eh IJN after your well earned break form this project.

    I'd be keen to hear more about your rules. I'll search your blog to see if there is more there. Cheers Alan

  2. Replies
    1. I have started revising them by the way, I'll upload a new version (compatible for WW1) in the near future.

  3. What a sight! Tremendous András, bravo Sir.

  4. Stunning. A really impressive project, and you've done a great job with constructing them!