Jul 5, 2016


I present you the twin ships of the US Navy's Wyoming class and a Tegetthoff-class Austro-Hungarian battleship. They are part of the 1/2000 scratchbuilding project.

I built them as a break from preparing for my exams and painted them at the beginning of the month. 

The bases are made from the plasticard sheet I found, sadly I'm running out of all basing materials and so are the two shops I buy it from.

Close-up on the Tegetthoff, most likely the SMS Szent István. This was quite a straightforward build, only the guns of the triple turrets caused me some concern.

I like the Wyoming class a lot more, quite huge for their time and six turrets, what more should an admiral ask for? The wire masts were the most worrysome, in the end I chose to place rounded match sticks and just paint them in a criss-cross pattern.

In the meantime I've taken huge leaps in completing the Russian fleet for Tsushima, right now I only need to build four cruisers and some auxiliaries.