Jun 18, 2016

Claymore-class French destroyers

I wanted to have some destroyers in my growing fleet - so far, there are only cruisers and battleships built, with only one (fictional) destroyer and some trawlers. At first I chose the Austro-Hungarian Tátra class, however I could find no blueprints, plus they were built in 1912, a bit too late for my taste. The choice then fell on these, a group of very tiny ships in comparison to battleline units.
I'm not even sure they are destroyers, or torpedo boats, or which, because some photos are captioned "contre-torpilleur", which would be torpedo boat destroyer I think, while others have simply "torpilleur" written over them, applied to the same class. As I have no other destroyers, if they were to participate in a battle, they would have the torpedo boat role.

There was no blueprint for them either, but a few photos from the right angle solved my scaling problems. I used a darker brown on the deck as it was built above the hull plating, and photos show it to be much darker than the color of the hull itself.

I hope I can finish a Habsburg-class battleship in the foreseeable future, until then, the shipyard remains empty. However, I already have a rather large plan with small scale ships, and I also thought about making video tutorials... as soon as I have some free time.


  1. Great work! I agree, it's difficult when you can't get the blueprints and have to rely on pictures - even just getting the right hull shape can be a challenge.

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    1. The international radio sign for incoming torpedo boats?