Jun 21, 2016

6mm SYW French / Glambrian army

This is the sixth complete 6mm force in my collection. I think I have well over two thousand Baccus and H&R figures now, and could therefore organize a six-player Maurice campaign using only those.
With 192 infantry, 72 cavalry, three officer markers and four guns, this army is on the small side along with the British. 
Some figures were shown earlier: the fresh parts of the army are the hussars, the infantry in blue turnbacks and the cannon.

I've used two types of the fleur-de-lis banner for variety. These are, first and foremost, intended to be ImagiNation troopers, so I did not research the historical French army very well.

The French hussar branch was founded by Hungarian émigrées in the 1720s, so it seemed only fitting that they receive a Trained quality instead of being irregulars. Perhaps I should also promote them to Elite, just in case.

The bright blue on the cannon carriages was made with a cheap blue acrylic paint mixed with VMC White.

Some difference is visible between the figures primed with grey and the ones primed black, I've also used a darker black wash on the new ones.

Now that they are complete, some elements march to war right away, and against none other but the might of the Ottoman Sultan.