May 9, 2016

Expanding the Swedish army

I have finally got to paint more of the Zvezda Swedes. After some counting heads and arranging, I've come up with a tally of three all new units (besides the one already finished) plus three 'command' groups of four figures, for the one box already painted. Including some Strelets figs, this would put the Swedish infantry at a respectable size.

All the figures were primed black and painted the same way as usual, the only trick I did was a buff highlight over the yellows of the Livgardet command group, followed by a second highlight with flat yellow. It worked on my 1/500 ship of the line model, so it had to with these fellows. The red Närke-Värmland unit has no command group, I've only added four more charging figures.

I have used the embossed flag design because I was lazy, turned out just right.

The Västerbotten command has no karpus because I was lazy again, plus I've lost one figure with a karpus prior to taking the photos... I hope he's still around and has not deserted.

The one complete 16-figure unit is the Kalmar regiment with blue stockings, grenadiers and marching poses are included.

And this is how the full compliment looks right now, while the Saxons only need three or four units (two of which is actually finished, but I have to take photos of them). The Saxon army could also be used as WSS Brits and late GNW Danes, which is sort of disappointing because I'd like to paint more colorful Zvezda figures.