May 6, 2016

Big Tricorne Post Number Three

I've finally had the spirits and determination to push through a pile of plastic again, and have completed ten Zvezda SYW Hussars, sixteen Swedes as WSS Austrians, a similar number of Strelets foot as WSS French, and eight Strelets horse as Saxon Guard horse.

It's quicker to paint figures with a black undercoat, especially the crude Strelets ones, otherwise it's all the same method. I added a second layer of highlights on the white coats of the Austrians.

Of the ten Zvezda hussars, the officer and trumpeter will form an officer stand, the rest is the traditional 8-figure unit.

These figures ride the surplus Zvezda GNW Russian horses except one, and they are the horse grenadiers and carabiniers organised to one unit.


  1. Really nice work András. You manage to get these all painted up incredibly fast!

    1. Thank you, they've been sitting on a tray for a long time though!

  2. Excellent painted figures András! Now you're in the mood, paint some more! :-D


  3. Well done András, these look wonderful.