Mar 25, 2016

Purchase history, March

OK, so I did not really hold up to "Spare Your Wargaming Pocket Year 2016" this time, but with a few larger purchases I'm going to have enough stuff to paint for months.

Figures and models:
  • Plastic Soldier 15mm StuGs and IS-2s
  • two boxes of Zvezda GNW Swedes from South Korea, hopefully the same will be in the package when it arrives, but am I glad to finally find some for an OK price.
  • two large 6mm orders, one from Heroics and Ros and one from Baccus, with enough figures to create an SYW British half-army, complete the SYW French, and create a large and versatile Colonial Indian/Ottoman 18th century army.

Misc.: 25mm square bases from Warbases, 2 and 3mm thick. Heroics and Ros figs are smaller than Baccus, so I thought to balance it by putting them on thicker bases. I already had some 3mm thick ones from last year's Games Day. 

Paints: a smaller resupply of Vallejo colors, superglue, PVA.

Terrain: I have acquired a fold-up 2 by 1.5 metres table from four 100x75cm plywood sheets, bought at the junkyard for less than one Euro altogether. Actually, building the frame and the folding up mechanism cost multiple times as that of the table surface. 

Tools: as mentioned in the previous pair of posts, I have bought an electric jigsaw and a small drill too.