Mar 23, 2016

Corvette WIP #2

Work continues on the corvette: I'm still adding details to the hull but it is more or less finished. Since yesterday I worked mostly on the bow and stern, adding decorations and details, plus the only piece of mast which will be fixed onto the hull. The other three will be placed in the drilled holes and secured with rigging which will also be removable. 

The first cannon is completed. When manufacturing multiple items I always build a complete first one, then mass produce the rest. 
The wheel I'm afraid is a bit too big, but the one built from paper and plastic broom bristles seemed too crude, so I picked a 1/72 cart wheel from the Heap. There is also a pole for a big flag. 
Space will be an issue with this one, so I imagine it will be a coastal vessel, or will have only a reduced crew. It wouldn't be a problem if the figures had smaller bases, maybe I can compromise somewhat... we shall see.