Dec 24, 2015

Purchase history, December

First of all, a merry Christmas to all readers.

This time of the year should not be about earthly possessions, but it inevitably is. I have not posted for a while and I had my reasons, but I hope I'm back now for more regular blog entries. My money has finally arrived and I feel pretty rich now. I bought Christmas presents for the family and myself.
Hobby-wise, I bought plasticard, superglue and brushes besides the earlier Games Day purchases. My Christmas present from the family in return is a box of Gripping Beast figures. I have also ordered some 1/72 AWI guys for the Calvacasa Rebellion. If ebay is right they will arrive this year. If not, well, I have enough reserve in the pile.
I have purchased three Hasslefree figures during their Black Friday sale, and I'm currently working on them with little enthusiasm, and some 15mm WW2 Hungarians I trimmed and cleaned from Battlefront. If I recall correctly the same thing happened during last Christmas, I had little inclination to painting. The trick is not to force myself, when I'll be back in the hobby spirit I'll do it just fine.


  1. Much to do as always!
    merry Christmas!

  2. My best wishes for the festive season. All this painting and modelling is the more fun if it doesn't seem like work... :-)