Dec 30, 2015

Gaming mat

My tabletop is now enhanced with this 120x100cm green grass mat. The most important detail is that bases slide nicely on it so we don't have to pick them up each time for a move.

To celebrate the mat, we have played two Maurice games with the two armies I brought home with me. In the first, the attacking (sort-of-French) player quickly marched two of his columns to the objective and captured it. The game was won in three or four turns, with unfortunate musketry dice on the defender's part.
In the second, the struggle was more prolonged, lasting through the better half of the third action deck, ultimately ending in the French isolating two cuirassier units on the enemy right and two unlucky morale rolls. Curse the dice, but praise the mat!


  1. Nice looking battles, and a convenient surface area. If you will pardon my saying so, though, I think a better word than 'elongated' to describe your second battle was 'prolonged'. The former word tends to be associated with physical objects; the latter more often with time or duration.

    1. Thank you. it's fixed now. Sometimes the words are just missing.

  2. Great looking mat and it has been blooded!

  3. A splendid new addition to your table.