Nov 5, 2015

Painting diary XXXIV.

I have a lot of unfinished business going on, which usually happens when I start a new project. Above, two scratchbuilt mortars for Calvacasa's army and a two-wheel carriage. They are varnished and based, will probably add some grass on the bases.

A third Saxon infantry unit, this time the Guards. For Maurice they will be considered just average trained troops so the Swedes could beat them more easily.

A cooking pot and a table as camp accessories. I also have six paper tents primed. The pot and the fire under it need some more paint. 
The horses are from the Zvezda GNW Russian artillery and Revell WW2 German field artillery sets. There is eight of them, painted with a basic brown pattern using a layer of brown primer, wet highlights and black glaze. Their bases are a work in progress and they need a layer of varnish.

About a dozen or so IMEX Pilgrims on caps, to be used as civilians & militia from the 17th century onwards. They need highlighting before being completed.
Sadly neither the HäT Guerrillas nor the various AWI sets are available for a reasonable price.  They could be very useful for the rebellion. Fortunately these figures are better than I thought once I washed them thoroughly to help the primer adhere.
In the upper left corner, three more Zvezda gunners, I found them in the spares box and stripped them along with the cannon. They need varnishing and the bases to be completed.
The six Zvezda grenadiers in turquoise and the eight Italeri riders in the foreground, on the other hand, are varnished and need only the basing to be finished. The Italeri cavalry is actually Napoleonic as can be seen on the tighter uniforms, but I was in dire need of cavalrymen, so I made green stuff tricorne hats for them.

This group of ten Zvezda grenadiers await priming. They are glued on coins which will be their permanent bases. I figured that if I glue the figures to the bases when their painting is complete, but before varnishing, I can save some time. Then I brought it up one step and the Saxons at the beginning of the post were completely painted while glued on bases. Gluing figures to bottle caps is a custom I've had for a long time. It has something to do with I having all these bottle caps, but they also give a better grip than coins or plasticard, and I can rub paint on them anytime I want.


  1. You've certainly got plenty to keep you busy there András, best of luck.

    1. Thank you, all I have to be afraid of is losing steam and getting painter's block!

  2. Nice scratchbuilt stuff, and project.