Nov 9, 2015

Fruits of hard work

A long weekend's output is on the photo above. Some figures were shown in the previous diary post and required basing only. Others were completed from priming during the weekend. A company of Strelets foot figures is still missing from the photo, by the way.
From left to right:
- eight Italeri Nap. Prussian cavalry converted to wear tricornes
- eight Strelets Russian dragoons painted as Ansbach cavalry in Saxon service in the GNW
- ten Zvezda SYW grenadiers with yellow coats and six in turqouise
- a group of civilians from the IMEX Pilgrims set
- a group of Zvezda GNW Russians as the third Saxon infantry unit
- eight Pilgrims with guns and a converted field surgeon
- three Zvezda artillerymen for the Saxon guns and eight horses (Revell and Zvezda) for the train
- and, in the background, six camp tents from paper along with other camp accessories.

The surgeon originally had a branch or a gun as options for his arm. I cut off a length of the arm and the musket to make a saw, and created an apron and a hat from GS.

The four civilians, doing various civilian things, plus the cooking pot and the table.

The eight pilgrims with guns, forming a militia. I'm still looking for AWI militia for a suitable price.

Gunners and their horses.

Grenadiers, the yellowcoats had a brown wash instead of black.

These guys, what can I say? They're not as bad as PSR puts them sometimes, but the gap in quality between them and Zvezda is huge. The fact is, they cost half of a Zvezda box. 

The Italeri cavalry is much better sculpted. I have ten more of these to complete. Initially I worried I might not have enough cavalry, but things turned for the better.

This unit is the Polish or Saxon Guards, I found the color scheme less interesting with only red and white to paint. Their buttons are yellow though, which is something.

To solve the problem of similarly posed figures getting stuck in each other, I glued half of the figures closer to the left side of the base and the other half to the right. Bayonets interlope with the first rank this way. They're hell to move as one unit though, might just get some trays.


  1. Very nice looking troops, sir. + the scratchbuilt accessories and tents are really nice to see. (I could use a quick tutorial as to how you mass produced the tents. Thanks.)

    1. Thank you!
      The tents are made from a single piece of paper folded and glued. Laid out in a two-dimensional form they look like a rectangle with two triangles attached to the shorter edges. I experimented a little with the triangular sides before creating a template and copying it five more times. The easiest way is to create a triangle with a 90° corner but then the tent will look a bit flat. Demonstrated in an image here.

    2. Many thanks for the instructions. I'll let you know if I can pull this manufacturing off successfully.)

  2. That's quite some output! Great job Sir.