Oct 22, 2015

Yellow Knight and retinue

As I have told in the previous post, my formerly stripped medieval collection is slowly reaching its numbers again. It is the well-known feeling in wargamer circles that urges one to switch to another project - the same thing happened to me.
During the days of my internship I had less hours to do something, especially that I worked on Fridays which are otherwise free days on university most of the time. So I took with me a handful of figures each week to work on, from home to the university dormitory I dwell in, plus the pots of paint and brushes. I have a quite nice travelling hobby pack now.

But on to the figures, they are all Zvezda from various sets (peasant army - HYW English knights - HYW English infantry - HYW French infantry). The centerpiece is the mounted knight, with two foot knights, a handful of men-at-arms, archers and peasant levy, As seen before on the pages of this blog, these groups are perfect for skirmish actions.

The colors are of no particular historic inspiration - the knight belongs to one of the ancient houses of the Yellow Clans of Jackewline, and the black seemed a nice complementary. The House of Habsburg agrees on this.

While showcasing various groups, let me say a few words about the painting. I used  a white primer, over which I added a very thin layer of VGC Scrofulous Brown mixed with some Lemon Yellow. The rest was blocked in, the whole thing shaded, then highlighted. For highlights I used a brighter mix with the Lemon Yellow in majority. Yellow is the uncontestedly worst color to paint, no matter what sort of primer or the make of the paint, but I like the results on these fellows.

For the padded jackets on the retainers and one of the bowmen I used a brown wash over the primer, a drybrush with VMC Buff then a wet highlight after the shade was added on the entire figure.

I have another dozen or so figures glued to caps and ready to be painted, but I have a feeling they will be ignored on the expense of my freshly recruited Saxon tricorne army.


  1. Great job!
    great choice of colours!

  2. I really like the yellow, not an easy colour to pull off, but these are great.

  3. Lovely work on these, Andras. I like how you combined figures from different sets for a tied in look. I had the old Revell French Knights set - nice figures too.

    1. Thank you. My medieval figures are all Italeri and Zvezda. I think the infantry &knights boxes were meant to be used together anyway!