Oct 25, 2015

Based Saxons

The first units for my GNW Saxon army are complete. In the meantime, the infantry has arrived and is under construction.

I have used a three-color method on the reds of the uniforms, starting with a dark red on a grey undercoat, then a highlight, a wash, a second highlight. 
On the other hand I'm afraid the faces on these Zvezda figures do not turn out as well as they could. While the sculpting is beautiful, I find that the surfaces are not raised enough to retain the sculpt's sharpness after a few layers of paint, however thin.

I used 20x40mm plasticard strips for basing these figures and will continue to do so with the rest of my cavalry (except the ones already complete - rebasing: no thanks).

The artillerists could use some more guns actually. These two are for illustration only. I read somewhere that the Saxon artillery carriages were painted black and the metal straps yellow, I think it would look very cool. I will probably buy the Zvezda Swedish set, paint up the gunners as Swedes and the cannons as Saxons, tThen the Swedes can have these gallopers from the Russian set.

Maintaining the tricorne topic, I have bought Maurice de Saxe's Reveries on Amazon, it's only $8 for Kindle. A very fascinating read, if you are interested in the period I can highly recommend it.