Sep 11, 2015

Tsushima Begins

We can all agree that this was bound to happen sooner or later. Especially with the recent paint shortage. With meticulous research (aka Google and Wikipedia) I've started building the Japanese fleet for Tsushima. Above is the beginnings (1st Division) of Togo's 1st squadron, four battleships and two protected cruisers. They are 1/2000 scale for the most part, but eye measure plays a great role.

And these are seven destroyers made of match sticks. I like how the materials become more varied as I'm building after historical photos and blueprints. I'm using the cylindrical shafts of left-over Gripping Beast plastic figures, match sticks, balsa wood, wooden sticks of two different girth, broom bristles, the mandatory plasticard, etc.
The largest expense in this project will be bases. I've decided to conduct an experiment with clear bases and ordered a few from Magister Militum. I hope they will work.