Sep 8, 2015

Redcoats and Red Lancers

A unit of Dutch-Belgian Lancers using the Zvezda figures. I am not the most pleased with the outcome, but they are all right. Lots of gold to paint and suffer with.

I have used two highlights instead of the usual one. All figures are on 25x40mm bases, which questions the compatibility with 40x40mm infantry bases, but that's what you get. A small cavalry unit will most likely be not 8, but 6 figures strong, and a large unit not 12, but 10.

Detail on the commander and a lancer.

This group of Italeri Highlanders had been on the painting queue for too long. I've used the Black Watch uniform to paint them up. Ideal for skirmish gaming, probably paired up with the Rifles painted earlier.
I have just resupplied my paints, so it might take a while to do something blog-worthy. Stay tuned nonetheless.


  1. Great job, they are wonderful together!

  2. The lancers look "better than alright" from your photos.
    Nice job!

    1. Thank you, it's just that I find these Zvezda figures sometimes harder to paint than others. Lots of detail, but not raised enough, I think.

  3. Very nice job on the famous Red Lancers, well done!