Jul 7, 2015

War in the Adriatic

I have completed six-six battleships for the KuK Kriegsmarine and the Regia Marina. They are all scratchbuilt from wooden sticks, broom bristles and plasticard.
There is no strict scale: all of them are approx. 6cm long and 1.5cm wide. Comparing the scale to the Habsburg-class, it is about 1/1900 or 1/2000. 

The Italian ships, with a brighter grey hull and brighter decks. As I've said in the previous post, some very interesting ship designs. 3 out of 4 Regina Elena-class ships; both ships of the Regina Margherita class; and an Amiraglio di Saint Bon-class bringing it to six overall.

A standard block-wash-highlight method was used for painting, then I added the name tags and little flags to the base and sealed it with Vallejo acrylic varnish.

The Austro-Hungarian fleet is more uniform with only two ship variants. They are also of a darker color - just for a distinct look.

Most of these ships saw action in World War I, so there is an option to play those, but I'm thinking about a fictional conflict pre 1914, so neither navy would have dreadnoughts.

The rules for naval actions are almost complete - the hyper-simulationist homebrew is not very good for these little ships (there were three charts only for firing, not kidding).


  1. Very impressive fleets, you made a great job!

  2. Fantastic modelling!
    www.wtj.com has a good set of rules for this period, called Quickfire.
    Maybe take a look at these rules?

  3. They look stunning, great work Andras!

  4. Really, REALLY nice work, expecially for scratch built peices. I do a lot of naval stuff but never really thought about Adriatic before. Might have to spin up a Battle of Lissa soon...

    1. Thank you and sorry for the late reply, I've been away from my computer for a few days. Most of these ships fought in WW1, although outdated at that time. Lissa would be a great project to do.