Jul 4, 2015

The pre-dread madness continues

Right now I'm building a fleet of Austro-Hungarian pre-dreadnoughts, roughly 1/2000 scale. They'll soon have Italian enemies to fight. I've got to say, the Italian ship designs look very interesting. 
As July is the Spare Your Wargaming Pocket Month, everything is scratchbuilt, and like before, I enjoy it very much.
Some less complex (meaning less layers of plasticard for the hulls) Veudeni Imagi-Nation designs were made a little while ago, but their paintjobs were delayed by the KuK Kriegsmarine.
The rules I'm going to use will be a heavily modified version of the Too Fat Lardies Age of Sail rules (Kiss Me Hardy). I'll be visiting some friends the next week and hope to bring the fleets along for some variation on boozing and watching TV. OK, that's not really fair, we played Risk one time, but Risk is not fun, even after 10 beers.

In the meantime, have this totally-not-photoshopped image inspired by the opening shots of the Spaceballs movie.


  1. Best of luck Andras, I think I could do with a similar 'non-spending- month too. I love that photograph!

    1. Thank you, it also helps enhancing scratchbuilding skills!