Mar 26, 2015

Veudeni heavy cruiser, 2nd commerce steamer and playtesting

With these vessels the small fleet is done for a while - I have run out of motivation as it happens, and focused on other projects instead. Building these ships is a lot of fun and rewarding, but takes time and effort, like I predicted when delving into the Age of Sail project (which is still not yet finished and will probably require a different approach).
Anyway, we have a commerce steamer and a scaled-up armored or heavy cruiser to join the fleets. Both were done the traditional way from scratch, balsa wood and plasticard.

And here is an in-game shot from the d20-based naval game I've created, showing a successful ramming (or the great lesson of not going too close to enemies if you can hit them from 5 feet). I think the Veudeni raiders attacked the commerce convoy and destroyed them very easily, then the ramming happened and the remaining ship quickly left the scene.


  1. Outstanding models! You really perform great model feats.

  2. I would like to see more of this some time...

    1. I'm sure someday I will return to these ships, but now I'm thinking about pirates...

  3. You have been dutifully dubbed "Master Shipwright and Admiral."