Mar 23, 2015

Chitonet Qlain, the Holy Order

Painted some time ago, these are 1/72 Zvezda figures, a 300pt warband for Song of Blades and Heroes. The setup is quite uniform with six heavy infantry, a mounted commander and a female knight(?), originally Jeanne d'Arc from the Italeri HYW French set.

The Chitonet Qlain of Jackewline is supposed to exist like the Teutonic order, something foul backing a great ideal. When the kingdom collapsed during the times of the Great Escape, the Order set itself up as rulers of a small country and committed everything they could get away with.

I chose a red and white livery for everyone with some slight variety on the shields (they were originally engraved but I filed those off). 

And a short battle in which they were beaten off by a neighboring landowner's retinue when trying to loot one of his villages.


  1. Great looking medieval minis Andras!

  2. Nice. I like the dark color for the shadows in the folds of the white clothing.

    1. Thank you, it's the standard shading method of mine.

    2. And it works wonderfully well.

  3. very good job, the general aspect is quite impressive!

  4. Great looking warband, Andras. The red/white heraldry ties them together very nicely.