Feb 15, 2015

More ships...

A pair of monitors and a commerce vessel to complement the battleships. The one on the left is based on the Leitha, at least to such a degree of detail as the scale and my humble skills allow. The liner (if it is one?) is built differently from the warships as the sides are covered with card. This also meant the hull required less work - the wooden surface being covered there was no need to smoothen it like on the previous ones.

To scale with the Rhealla, the monitors are really dwarfed by the large seafaring units. 
I needed some light ones too and monitors seemed an ideal build - the hull in this case is plasticard while the turrets are made from an old brush handle that was thicker than the 6mm diameter plastic pieces I used for the stacks. The funnels on the monitors were another cause of concern because the sprue rubble I used for the larger ships was too thick. In the end I used a flag pole from the Zvezda Samurai Battles boxes, something I highly doubt will ever use.

Paintjobs are the usual white primer - block - shade - highlight. The cream on the decks is actually a lot brighter than the first coat but it looks just right. In these cases I only leave shaded areas at the joints and recesses, otherwise everything receives a second coat. Also while on figures I use a medium gray+shade (without highlights) for black, these large surfaces never receive shading but a second coat with some grey or white added to the black.